It goes without saying that we have a very serious addiction crisis here in the United                                                                States. In 2017 over 70,000 people died from overdose alone. That is a huge number!                                                               When someone is addicted it is hard to realize that recovery is even possible. 

   Within the scope of the opioid addiction and overdose deaths, sometimes, we lose sight of the fact that there are many stories of recovery. Stories that are told at A/A and N/A meetings, in prisons, in rehabs, heck, even around our family dinner tables!  It has been said that an estimated 22 million Americans are in recovery from opioids and other addictions at this very moment. The Federal government does not track the true efforts of recovery like they have to track the rates of addiction and the actual number of overdose fatalities, so we have to say that our number is estimated based on several researched factors.

Recovery rates and addiction rates are based on many different factors, but they do have some things in common:

Environment - Plays one of the biggest parts in both the underlying addiction as well as recovery. If a child grows up in a home where the parents fight addiction issues, then, the child has a greater chance of becoming addicted. Now take that same child after some recovery time and having been on the right track …… if you place them back in the same environment, then, given enough time they will, more than likely, go back to their addiction. 

Stress – This also plays a major role in addiction, as well as, recovery rates. When you add stress, such as bills or marital problems, to an individual and they are already on the edge and taking a pill or having a drink will give them the illusion of  “ forgetting their worries”, then, becoming addicted to that illusion is an end result. Once in recovery though, that individual should be constantly aware of their stress level and “Stressors” so as not to put themselves in similar situations.

Peer Pressure – This is a leading factor of addiction in teenagers and young adults. Everyone wants to be liked! Even at the risk of becoming an addict. If everyone “likes” the guy that smokes weed all the time, or everyone laughs with the guy that is the life of the party (Because of alcohol) then maybe they will like you too! Everyone’s Doing It! Sometimes a person just needs new friends.

At some point in every bodies lifetime they have or will come across addiction in one form or another. Whether they are facing it themselves or have a loved one that is battling it. It seems that our addiction rates are on the rise and are getting further and further out of our grasp. If you or a loved one is fighting addiction, please, reach out to someone for help. You do not have to tackle it alone. There are professionals that deal with addiction and recovery in every major city. Help is within reach!